Undergraduate University of Rhode lsland Research Award Jan-May 1999
The Effects of Resistance Training on Skeletal Muscle Fiber and Capillarity in Congestive Heart Failure Patients.

American Heart Association Fellowship Award May - Oct 1999
Strength Training Effects on Skeletal Muscle Plasticity in Systolic Heart Failure Patients.

University of Rhode Island Graduate Assistant: Sept 1999 - May 2001/2002
Awarded a three year graduate assistantship as part of URI Partnership in Physiological Measurements and
Computing: Departments of Engineering, Biology, and Physical Education and Exercise Science. Responsibilities include collaboration.

Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research 2013 ;27(2):556-561.
Thomas G. Manfredi; Michael A. Monteiro; Linda S. Lamont; Maria F. Singh; Mona Foldvari; Sebrina White; Arthur C. Cosmas; Maria L. Urso
Postmenopausal effects of resistance training on muscle damage and mitochondria

Skeletal Muscle Markers of Damage and Mitochondria Mophometry in Post- Menopausal Women Following
Combined Resistance Training. Manfredi, T1, Monterio, M1, Lamont, L.S. 1, Fiatorone-Singh, M2,3, Foldvari,
M2, Cosmos, A4. Urso, M5, and S. Levesque

Manuscript accepted for publication in Microscopy Research and Technique Nov 2003

Automated Detection and Delineation of Mitochondria in Electron Micrographs of Human Skeletal Muscles. Yu
Guo, Biao Gong, Sebrina Levesque, Thomas Manfredi, and Ying Sun.
Manuscript accepted for publication in Journal of Cardiovascular Health July 2002

Exercise Training Alters Skeletal muscle Mitochondrial Morphometry in Heart Failure Patients
Cheryl Santoro, Arthur Cosmas, Daniel Forman, Alia Morgham, Lynn Byros, Sebrina Levesque, James Hennessey, Thomas Manfredi.​
Oral Abstract Presentation June 2001
Progressive Resistance Training Safely Improves Aerobic Metabolism, Clinical Function, and Underlying Mitochondrial Morphometry in Elderly heart failure patients. Daniel Forman, Brian Hunt, Cheryl Santoro, Lynn Bairos, Sebrina levesque.​
American College of Sports Medicine New England Chapter Nov 2000
Software for Analysis of Z –band Damage in Human Skeletal Muscle using Electron Microscopy.
Sebrina L. Levesque, Yu Guo, Biao Gong, Thomas G. Manfredi, and Ying Sun. Computer Alogorithm for Automated
Detection and Delineation of Mitochondria in Electron Micrographs of Human Skeletal Muscle.Yu Guo,Biao Gong, Sebrina L. Levesque, Thomas G. Manfredi, and Ying Sun. Presentation, IEEE, 26th Annual Bioengineering

Conference April 2000
Computer Aided Analysis of Electron Microscopic Images of Muscle Tissue. Biao Gong, Sebrina Levesque,
Thomas Manfredi, and Ying Sun
Accepted poster, FASEB December 1999
Effect of Strength Training On Skeletal Muscle Morphology In Heart Failure Patients. Thomas Manfredi, Arthur C. Cosmas, Sebrina Levesque, Alia Morgham, Daniel Forman.

Accepted abstract for poster, NE American College of Sports Medicine October 1999

Effect of Strength Training on Skeletal Muscle Morphology In Heart Failure Patients. S. Levesque, S. Ibrahim, D. Forman, A. Morgham, A.C. Cosmas, and T.G. Manfredi. page 2

Abstract Submitted to American Heart Association Meeting May 1999

Does High Intensity Resistance training Improve Aerobic Capacity Among Elderly Heart Failure Patients? Daniel Forman, Thomas Manfredi, Arthur C. Cosmas, Alia Morgham, Sebrina Levesque.​

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We'll help transform your body.

Michael White 
Exercise & Sport Sciences, B.S.

Mike White is a popular trainer in Palm Beach.  For over 15 years, he has been helping men and women become healthier, stronger, and feel better.  Mike trains a variety of people including beginners who have never used a personal trainer, to advanced athletes that need to improve sport performance.  He has many clients that prefer the privacy of their own home and also has experience working with couples.

Mike is frequently recommended by doctors and therapists to help men and women overcome and control problems such as joint pain, high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity.   

Mike has a bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Sport Sciences from the University of Florida.  He is certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (CSCS) and is a member of Le Tip International.  

Sebrina White 

Exercise Science, M.S.​​

​Sebrina has a Masters degree in Exercise Science, where she primarily focused on  laboratory and clinical research. She managed three exercise science
laboratories during her full scholarship Graduate Assistantship at the University of Rhode Island. Research included resistance training with congestive heart failure patients and post -menopausal women, and the effects of vitamin E on muscle damage.

She has been working with clients for 18 years to achieve their fitness goals, heal from injuries, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Her background, beyond laboratory research, includes, pre-post natal care, kickboxing, total body aerobic classes, & nutritional counseling. She has worked with a variety of clients including, heart disease patients,  Parkinson’s Disease, spinal cord injury, post-polio virus, , Lyme's Disease, vertigo, neck and back pain. She works with clients to improve lifestyle changes. Her passion for her work is evident in her client's success and she is primarily interested in functional & core fitness training along with postural alignment. 

She has worked in elite gyms across the country including Boston, San Diego, and is currently located on  Palm Beach.